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See why everyone is buzzing about Noffke Homes. Learn more about designer tips and trends, homeowner spotlights, the methodology behind our new floorplans, and community openings. There is always something exciting happening at Noffke Homes. You won’t want to miss a beat.

Team Spotlight: Jenifer Torres

“I enjoy that Noffke Homes is a family-oriented, local builder who pride themselves on a beautiful home at a price point for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for, Noffke can do it.”

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Custom Home Spotlight: The Snead Family

Like many homeowners, the Snead family had never built a custom home and had many questions and concerns. Learn how they discovered Noffke Homes and see their experience building their forever home.

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Top 5 Reasons To Remodel Your Home

You’ve met some great neighbors, love the community around you, and hate the idea of your children in a new school. These are some of the tell-tale signs you are not moving any time soon. If you’re going to be looking at the same walls for years to come, why not have a home that functions for your family, reflects your personality, and style. Read our top 5 reasons to remodel your home.

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7 Advantages To Building A Custom Home

A custom home allows the freedom to design a floorplan to your family, work, and lifestyle needs. For nearly a decade, Noffke Homes has been designing and building our client’s forever homes. Check out our top seven reasons to build versus buy an existing home.

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Team Spotlight: Jennifer Lang

“I’m honored to be part of a team that shares the same passion and enthusiasm for their craft. I love sharing Noffke’s beautiful homes with the world.”

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Team Spotlight: Matthew Noffke

“When you purchase a Noffke Home you enter into a relationship with us. You’re not just a lot number to us. Because we live in the communities where we build, we see our homeowners at the grocery store, or out at a restaurant. We are continuously connected to our community and care about our homeowners.”

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Team Spotlight: Sabra Braid

“I love the quality and attention to detail Noffke Homes delivers and I’m so glad to be a part of it.”

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Team Spotlight: Scott Alstead

“I’m impressed with the level of integrity I see in the Noffke Homes team. You can see it in the way they respond to inquiries and their quality of work.”

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Team Spotlight: Stacie Shelton

“The team puts their heart and soul behind the product. These homes create a blend of gathering, quality of life, and luxury living. I like that the home encompasses a little more creative design than what you see from other builders.”

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Team Spotlight: Susan Miller

"We don’t build just a standard home. We are ever-changing, but what stays consistent is our well thought out floor plans that are functional and timeless. As families evolve, so are we to ensure we’re keeping up with their lifestyle demands."

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