Team Spotlight: Scott Alstead

man smiling with greenery in the background

CPA, Controller/CFO

Having grown up locally in Puyallup with a father in the business and a decade of managing the financial department for production and custom homebuilders, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge to support the team and propel Noffke Homes to the next level.

Scott’s 25 years of financial experience will expedite streamlining Noffke’s information systems and organize the internal procedures to ensure the company operates efficiently.

For Scott, it’s about connection. He enjoys cultivating relationships with vendors, suppliers, and the internal team. “I’m impressed with the level of integrity I see in the Noffke Homes team. You can see it in the way they respond to inquiries and their quality of work.”

When Scott is out of the office, you can find him hitting the trails. He has nearly accomplished his goal of completing 20 hikes in 2020.

FUN FACT: If you’re looking to butter him up, try a lemon meringue pie.

Scott Alstead

(253) 299-4076 x106

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